Kids chairs

Make sure their first chair is a really great one

Children are not small adults. They have specific demands on the world around them, including seating furniture. Unlike adults, children are still growing, developing and their needs are changing. ALBA children's chairs respond to these needs and have the undeniable advantage that they grow with children thanks to their easy adjustability.

A quality ergonomic growing chair respects the requirements for ergonomic seating and can adapt to the changing proportions of the child and the nature of their movement. There is therefore no need to buy a new chair every time the child grows up, because thanks to its adjustability, the growing chair will serve them well into their adult years.

Necessary adjustability and playful color combinations

To support ergonomic seating, the height-adjustable backrest easily adapts to the size of the child. Of course, the ergonomically shaped seat cushion can also be adjusted in height and especially in seat depth. Movement is made easy by castors and 360-degree swivel. If the desk top is high, the chair can be equipped with a foot ring for optimal leg support. Parents of young children just starting school will appreciate the option to choose the non-rotating piston, which supports concentration of the child when learning, as it does not rotate sideways.

Teens in particular will benefit from the additional armrests, which will relieve their arms and shoulders and make it easier to hold them in the ideal position when writing.

Because we know how important colors are for children, we offer ALBA children’s chairs upholstered in a playful variety of color combinations to satisfy the often demanding tastes of younger and older children. Not only for children’s chairs, we offer upholstery materials that are easy to maintain. The chairs will last your children for many years in perfect condition.


FUXO kids growing chairs with a range of optional accessories

Our FUXO kids growing chairs meet all the demanding requirements for ergonomic seating.  Thanks to the unique adjustment system, they are suitable for children from approximately five years of age and, thanks to first-class quality and tested components, will safely last them into their adult years.

The playful design in two different styles with a wide choice of color combinations will also perfectly complement any child’s or student’s room.

There is a range of optional extras to choose from, such as fixed or height-adjustable armrests, a foot ring to support the legs of smaller children or a non-rotating piston to support undisturbed focus and concentration when learning.

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