Making amazing chairs for a sustainable world

ALBA is strictly committed to eliminating the environmental impact of its activities. In 2015, we therefore implemented an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 to reduce negative environmental impacts and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. In 2022, ALBA has been awarded the ecolabel "Environmentally Friendly Product" and the EU Ecolabel to custom made seating furniture.

We adopt environmentally friendly solutions in all aspects of our operations, from the selection of input materials to packaging and transport, energy consumption or heating of our buildings. Our production is completely free of water and soil pollution and complies with all energy and environmental regulations of the Czech Republic and the European Union. All employees are trained and adhere to our environmental and waste segregation policies. We plan to maintain our environmental and energy saving standards and work on further improvements. 


When selecting input materials, we pay attention to their origin and proven quality. We prefer components from local and European suppliers that meet our requirements. Our products comply with REACH chemical regulations and we preferably use plastic components made from recycled polypropylene. 

Most of the upholstery fabrics in our range are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. We choose only durable materials and fabrics to ensure a long lifespan of all our products. Our product range is very stable in the long-term, so components can be purchased or replaced as needed and reupholstered if necessary. 


We use recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard boxes or stretch wrap to protect, transport and store the chairs.  The boxes are either recycled after use or, if not damaged, reused. We prevent unnecessary packaging waste by using our own transport to deliver the goods.  

At the same time, we are constantly improving our packaging to reduce the amount of materials used. ALBA has  been involved in the integrated packaging waste and recycling management for many years. In this way, we ensure the take-back and proper recovery of packaging waste.


We have our own fleet, which includes a pure electric vehicle, and we provide transport for most of our customers. We always strive to use 100% of our fleet capacity and thanks to our special logistics program we can plan our deliveries in detail, choose the most efficient routes and automatically select different vehicle types to maximize loading efficiency.

The program also calculates the schedule, allowing us as well as the other companies we deliver for, to plan better. Of course, all our drivers are regularly trained and always follow the rules of smooth driving.

Energy savings 

In 2010, we installed more than 600 solar panels to cover the energy consumption of our manufacturing plants and office buildings in a greener way.  If we produce more energy than we can consume, we resell it to one of the Czech distribution channels.  We have also become a part of the Czech national Green Savings Program, which encourages companies and households to produce their own green energy.

Most of our production and warehouse halls are designed to let in plenty of natural light through wide skylights, so we don’t have to use artificial light sources for most of our working hours. Our production only operates during the day, so lights and heating are turned off at night. We only use eco-friendly and energy-efficient light bulbs for artificial lighting.

In our production plant in Škvorec we provide heating with a Danstoker biomass boiler. For heat production we use mostly miscanthus biomass, a renewable energy source from a local producer. To save heating costs, our warehouses are divided into cold and warm zones.