Office Chairs

Office seating belongs to the elite disciplines of furniture design.

No other piece of furniture requires such a thorough understanding of anatomy and ergonomics as the office chair. Only through careful study of the human body and sophisticated functional design can you create seating that allows you to work truly efficiently.

Speaking of work: Have you ever realized that the quality of sitting in the office dramatically affects not only work performance and concentration, but above all prevents the negative health consequences of long-term sitting? That’s why at ALBA it is absolutely essential for us that you equip your offices with seating furniture that provides both comfort and excellent working conditions.

The chair must adapt to fit you, not the other way around

Every human body is different and there is no one-size-fits-all chair. Therefore, when purchasing a desk chair, it is essential to look at the key parameters that define who the chair is suitable for and in which working environment it fits. It is not only the load capacity that is important, but especially the wide range of individual adjustment options so that the chair can be perfectly adapted to the person sitting on it.

In practice, this means that the seat height can be adjusted, or the depth and inclination of the seat cushion can be adapted to ensure the correct position of the feet on the ground. Equally important is the anatomically shaped backrest with the possibility of height adjustment and, last but not least, the possibility of adjusting the tilt tension of the mechanism depending on the user’s weight.

Maximum comfort all-day long

When designing and manufacturing ALBA chairs we go even further. Our chairs can be equipped with a headrest, lumbar support or armrests. These also contribute to a correct sitting position at the desk, reducing the risk of shoulder and neck pain and unnecessary strain on the back muscles and spine.

However, the overall comfort of the chair also depends on the upholstery material used. Its choice may be a matter of individual preference, but also the specific purpose of the chair and the nature of the space in which it will be used. In addition, the character of the work and the type of floor covering in the office will determine which kind of castors or gliders are most suitable for the chair.

Exceptional comfort of the ergonomic office chair series KENT 

The number one choice for office seating is undoubtedly our exclusive KENT chair range – created for those who value top working conditions. Its ergonomic seat, high anatomically shaped backrest and adjustable synchronous mechanism make it the ideal chair for any modern office.

Perfection is completed by the wide range of materials, patterns and upholstery colours, which can be variably adapted to your personal style or the overall design of the office space.

Other popular ALBA office chairs

Experience maximum comfort with this fully upholstered office chair – designed for optimum ergonomics and ideal for long working hours

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