24/7 Chairs

They help save lives, protect properties and stay focused

When it comes to safety, compromises must be set aside. That's why at ALBA we manufacture chairs and armchairs for 24-hour operations with the utmost focus on durability, uncompromising ergonomics and the quality of the materials used.

Chairs used in multi-shift operation are different at first sight. We have designed them to be robust and with particular emphasis on optimum support for the whole body. Ready for you to keep your full attention and perform your job to the fullest and to withstand the rigours of a full day’s work or a demanding shift.

Extremely durable construction

A durable construction made of premium components is the basis for a chair that will serve you perfectly for many years. This is the only way the chair can withstand high loads and intensive use by different users. In order for such a chair to be able to handle the widest possible weight spectrum, a sufficiently high load capacity is a key requirement.

ALBA chairs designed for heavy-duty applications make use of special, highly durable upholstery materials. These ensure that the chairs are resistant to abrasion and sagging typical of continuous operations. We can guarantee your chair to behave as expected, even after long term heavy-duty use.

Easy to adjust

In addition to its durability, another important feature of the heavy-duty chair is its adjustability. In order to reach maximum comfort, the chair must be adaptable not only to different weights, but also to different body types. The ideal adjustment of the chair ensures correct posture and provides perfect support for the spine and muscles.

A well-padded ergonomic seat and a high anatomical backrest that provides support along the entire length of the spine to reduce tension and fatigue are essential. The 24/7 chairs also come with comfortable armrests to help distribute the weight of the arms and prevent overloading of shoulder and neck muscles.

Excellent load capacity and durability of DISPOS ergonomic chairs

ALBA’s range of chairs for non-stop operations is dominated by the DISPOS chair with height-adjustable head support and folding upholstered armrests.

The abrasion-resistant fabric Bondai with 150,000 Martindale cycles complies with the requirements for 24-hour operations. The chair is a great choice for demanding workplaces where long-term seating comfort is essential.

Other popular 24/7 chairs

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Premium ergonomic chair designed for demanding 24-hour operations
Ergonomic, fully upholstered office chair designed for professional use in 24-hour operations

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