Office Swivel Chairs

Ergonomic swivel chairs are a great choice if you want to stay productive and engaged at your desk all day without putting unnecessary strain on your neck and back. They provide freedom of movement while working at your desk and allow you to swivel in the direction you want.


Built for executives and managers, who require maximum comfort in the workplace


Premium office chair for outstanding performance and comfort at work


Excellent ergonomics and comfort at the workplace with a breathable mesh back


Our biggest chair designed for professionals looking for top quality and ergonomics

Meeting and Conference Rooms Chairs

Conference chairs find their best use in boardrooms, conference halls, waiting areas and a variety of other commercial applications. They suitably complement the corporate look of business premises and, thanks to high-quality and durable filling materials, they hold their shape for and do not wear out easily.


Built for representative office spaces for maximum comfort of your visitors


Top quality cantilever chair with moulded foam seat and breathable mesh backrest


Contemporary premium visitor chair with a breathable mesh backrest


A minimalist visitor chair that brings an airy and light feel to your interior

24/7 Chairs

24/7 chairs represent the most comfortable seating solution for workers in an around the clock facility characterized by a very demanding setting. Built for intensive use, these heavy duty chairs are an ideal choice for call centers and dispatch centers where proper ergonomics and comfort are of utmost importance.


The durable and fantastically comfortable heavyweight champion you can always lean on


Premium ergonomic chair designed for demanding 24-hour operations


Ergonomic, fully upholstered office chair designed for professional use in 24-hour operations

Kids Chairs

As children grow, the furniture needs to grow with them to adapt to their individual needs. Growing chairs not only improve concentration and eliminate tiredness, but above all, they allow children to adopt the correct sitting position, which is essential for maintaining good posture and a healthy back and spine.


This ergonomic growing chair is the best choice for a healthy child's back


Champion of colour combinations that helps children to develop healthy sitting habits


Universal children's chair in six different sizes for easy maintenance and handling

Home Office Chairs

The right office chair is an important part of your home office equipment. It should meet demanding ergonomic seating requirements, but also be a natural and integral part of your home workplace. That's why our home office chairs are not only stylish, but also sufficiently durable and, above all, provide much-needed support during a day's work at the computer.


A trusted classic our customers can always rely on


A highly refined design piece created for elegant office environments or a stylish home office


For dynamic work with a fun factor: the sit-stand stool keeps you active while you work


A practical and compact office chair for small office spaces

Industrial Seating

Being comfortable at work is important for all of us. Our portfolio therefore includes not only ergonomic office chairs, but also a range of work chairs for special applications. So that production workers, supermarket cashiers, students in workshops, lab technicians or for example musicians can sit well. Our chairs therefore meet the very demanding requirements of special working environments.


Variable and compact task chair for industrial workplaces, healthcare and laboratories


Medical stool for healthcare professionals supports a back-friendly and ergonomic working posture


With a variety of configuration and adjustment options, the swivel stool can be individually adapted to any person and workplace situation


The sturdy, ergonomic workshop chair can be individually adapted to different users and workplaces

Medicine and Nursing

Special chairs for the healthcare sector are most often used in doctors' offices, waiting rooms of healthcare facilities, as well as in reception areas. They are subject to very similar requirements as office chairs, but they must also meet strict hygiene requirements, especially in terms of sanitary care and maintenance.


Excellent ergonomics and comfort at the workplace with a breathable mesh back


Built for representative office spaces for maximum comfort of your visitors


The modern upholstered office chair with height-adjustable backrest offers a smart solution for various workplaces


Economical stacking chair available in various material designs with a robust steel 1.2 mm thick frame


The DESIGN collection is an exclusive range of seating furniture of the highest quality, backed by a three-year warranty. The collection includes many novelties from the soft seating range, as well as designer wooden chairs suitable for conference, kitchen or dining room seating, plastic chairs suitable for indoors and outdoors (gardens, terraces, balconies), bar chairs and conference seating. Some models are available in various versions - e.g. with several types of frames or as a bar stool. This variability gives our customers the opportunity to furnish their interiors and, where appropriate, their exteriors in a coherent style.


Express your personality with our comfortable stackable chair, made of durable polypropylene, available in a range of contemporary colours - ideal for indoor/outdoor use


A perfect match of Italian design and original metal curves made for refined individuals with a classic taste


Elevate your space with a chair with a touch of modern sophistication - durable shell, contemporary colours, variants for indoor/outdoor use


Add a stylish touch to any event with this lightweight, stackable chair - vailable in a range of colours to match your style

Soft Seating

Adding informal spaces to the office environment encourages people to socialise and collaborate freely. A comfortable office sofa provides an ideal space for a spontaneous meeting, an inspiring coffee break, temporary tasks such as checking emails or just a few minutes of screen-free time. ALBA is a manufacturer of precisely hand-upholstered armchairs, sofas and atypical furniture for professional use in informal work environments, reception areas, restaurants and hotels.


For perfect relaxation, the sturdy upholstered chair has a curved beechwood structure with a light spring action


The inviting, fully upholstered lounge chair impresses with its eye-catching design, comfortably upholstered seat shell and superb craftsmanship


Versatile yet cosy, this acoustic sofa creates a sense of privacy and calm and is ideal for open spaces and busy areas


An elegant, fully upholstered two-seater sofa that invites you in with its rounded design, comfortably upholstered seat and superb craftsmanship


The EDUCAL collection is a range of seating furniture developed specifically for school and educational facilities of all types - from kindergartens and pre-school centres, for which we offer playful seating furniture in vibrant colours, through primary and secondary schools, taking into account their specific requirements, to universities, for which we provide custom auditorium and lecture hall furnishings - from drawing up the design to on-site assembly.


The versatile system offers a wide variety of combinations from eight basic shapes


Colourful, durable and safe children's chairs for kindergartens


Stackable multi-purpose chairs in a range of seat colours with a choice of base options for classrooms and canteens


Range of ergonomic air-cushioned chairs for students and teachers


Numerous chairs featured in our conference collection are also available as benches. Multi-seat benches are the perfect combination of versatility, functionality and comfort. They are an essential part of waiting areas in airports, clinics, schools and other places where they allow you to relax and making the waiting time more pleasant.


Unique, edgy design, huge variety of material combinations and great comfort you' ll enjoy


A versatile multitalent that presents an elegant solution for any space


An exceptionally sturdy shell chair in a classic design that excels in high weight capacity


An airy and practical wooden chair series that adapts perfectly to any interior