The DESIGN collection is an exclusive range of seating furniture of the highest quality, backed by a three-year warranty. The collection includes many novelties from the soft seating range, as well as designer wooden chairs suitable for conference, kitchen or dining room seating, plastic chairs suitable for indoors and outdoors (gardens, terraces, balconies), bar chairs and conference seating. Some models are available in various versions - e.g. with several types of frames or as a bar stool. This variability gives our customers the opportunity to furnish their interiors and, where appropriate, their exteriors in a coherent style.


Express your personality with our comfortable stackable chair, made of durable polypropylene, available in a range of contemporary colours - ideal for indoor/outdoor use


A perfect match of Italian design and original metal curves made for refined individuals with a classic taste


Elevate your space with a chair with a touch of modern sophistication - durable shell, contemporary colours, variants for indoor/outdoor use


Easily add a stylish touch to any event with the lightweight, stackable chair - available in various colours to suit your style


Transform your indoor or outdoor space with a stylish armchair - enveloping backrest, Italian-inspired design, and durable construction for optimal seating comfort


Add character to any space with our colourful and versatile DUKE chair - ideal for cafes, offices, and outdoor settings


Durable and stylish, our plastic chairs with metal construction inside withstand the elements, perfect for any ourdoor or indoor space


Functional and suitable for all types of space, can be moved and settled quickly while remaining comfortable


These stools feature a captivating color palette, making them perfect for hallways and break rooms


With its sleek design this chair is sure to add a modern flair to any space . Whether you're outfitting a classroom or a conference room, it can suit any setting


This chair is the pefect fit for any occasion. Elevate your space with the ultimate seating solution that adapts to your lifesyle and your style


This folding chair is perfect for small spaces or events. It brings comfort and stability


A classic and timeless design that is distinguished by its curved support. Fits perfectly to a classroom


This chair combines elegance and simplicity. It is made for each person who have a classic side but who is also refined


Brings some conviviality in the exterior or interior decoration while remaining stylish, perfect for conferences


The POEMA series has a unique and bold style that will embellish any room. They have fluid lines that allow for superior comfort


Functional and stylish, this plastic chair delivers comfort and convenience, making it the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor business events


This series can be adapted to different styles, ranging from classic to the 70’s, thanks to the different colours: In addition, with its shape, it allows a pleasant sitting moment


Multi-purpose design chair with plastic shell and perforated backrest in many modern colours and designs


A timeless vintage style that is the harmonious result of a combination of geometry and sophisticated curves, which adapts to both outdoor and indoor environments


Elevate your meetings or dining experiences with the sophisticated charm and comfortable design of this wooden chair


Very popular elegant design wooden chair suitable for both traditional and modern spaces


Experience the timeless elegance and beauty of our wooden chair


Indulge the comfort and captivating style of this wooden chair, featuring upholstered seats and a backrest that blend seamlessly with any decor


A quality comfortable wooden chair thanks to its shape, will create the perfect warm and invating atmosphere for your guest


Discover the perfect blend of discreet elegance and superior comfort with our wooden chair, a simple design complemented by a soft seat


Make any healthcare space into a comfortable and stylish zone with this wooden armchair that will ensure both relaxation and durability


With this classical shape it combines both a retro and modern style depending on the decor in which it is introduced; will perfectly fits restaurant


Experience the combination of style with beech wooden legs associated to a pleasant and quality fabric. This chair is made to be comfortable and robust


This bar stool will upgrade your space with a stunning wooden shell and sleek chrome legs which will add a sophisticate touch


Perfect design and stylish bar stool, featuring a durable plastic shell and sleek metal legs that provide stability that and a contemporary touch to your bars or hotels


Original in its color range, it will add dynamism to suit your unique style. Its particular backseat provides comfort; thus, will be perfect for classroom or waiting room