High quality products are the foundation of strong relationships

We manufacture and sell chairs, which we distribute to end customers with the help of our network of partners. Whether they are retailers or interior design studios, architects or full service contractors, we appreciate their great work.

Become a dealer

JWe have been taking care of our European dealers for over 10 years and are continuously expanding our partner network. ALBA´s dedicated export department develops attractive sales concepts and works closely with dealers in several European countries to support the marketing of ALBA seating furniture. Thanks to our dedication and excellent approach to our sales partners, our presence on the European market is steadily growing. Contact ALBA Seating and become one of our dealers.

ALBA in your projects

We cooperate openly with a number of interior design studios, to whom we supply seating furniture for complex office projects and other applications. We cater to the ambitions of designers and design new variations of seating solutions to support the intended character of the space. We are involved in the refurbishment or initial fit-out of offices, corporate premises or educational and research institutions. If you are interested in a quote for your project, contact ALBA Seating.

We collaborate on design and production

We have extensive experience in manufacturing chairs and armchairs for clients who require goods without manufacturer’s markings. Whether as a white label or private label supplier, we offer the expertise associated with in-house manufacturing, but also a strong alliance for a long term and stable relationship. We guarantee our European production capacities and offer a range of cooperation opportunities.

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    “What I appreciate about our cooperation is the fast action, smooth communication and professional approach. Thanks to this service package, we can provide our customers with quality and time-efficient services, which leads to satisfaction on all sides.”(

    Martina Tóthová, Lyreco CE, SE
    Furniture specialist
    German manufacturer and distributor of office furniture and equipment

    “ALBA is our reliable supplier of office seating furniture. What we appreciate about our cooperation is the uncompromising adherence to delivery times, the quality of the products and the possibility of customized production, which we have used for our exclusive range of corporate office chairs.”

    Bernhard Hammerbacher, Hammerbacher GmbH, Germany
    German supplier of complete furniture and equipment solutions for social service centres, nursing homes, clinics, hostels and hotels

    “We have been working successfully with ALBA since 2019 and we greatly appreciate their reliability and punctuality in deliveries. Both we and our customers appreciate the excellent price/performance ratio of ALBA seating furniture.”

    Doreen Gowin, WiBU objekt+ GmbH Office Leipzig, Germany
    Project and sales manager
    Swiss retailer of furniture and home and office equipment

    “ALBA office chairs have successfully extended our offer of quality seating furniture, which not only we are satisfied with, but especially our customers. We appreciate the fast and smooth delivery and assembly in top quality.”

    Gabriel Elvedi, Niki’s Chur AG, Switzerland
    Purchase manager
    German company specializing in the complete realization and delivery of furniture for offices, student residences or kindergartens

    “ALBA is one of our long-term and extremely reliable business partners. We greatly appreciate the high quality of their products, the ease of communication and the boundless willingness to address our requirements and wishes.”

    Jens Handwerk, Handwerk Handels GmbH, Germany
    German office furniture retailer cooperating with a number of prestigious manufacturers

    “We have been working with ALBA for many years and have always been very satisfied with the quality of the products, reliable delivery and smooth cooperation.”

    Anita Unterpieringer, m3 contor GmbH, Germany
    Sales Manager
    German retailer of complex office equipment

    “What we appreciate about working with ALBA is the excellent price/performance ratio, the wide range of seating configurations and the very high quality of the upholstery. We also value the excellent customer service, fast delivery times and friendly communication.”

    Manja Meile, Brückner&Nitschke OHG, Germany
    Manager of furniture sales