Medicine and nursing

We provide support to physicians, laboratory technicians, healthcare professionals and their clients

We are also able to offer special chairs designed for situations where comfort and durability must go hand in hand with strict hygiene. Thousands of clients and professionals alike encounter ALBA seating furniture in a range of specialist facilities.

We manufacture chairs and armchairs for doctors, laboratory technicians and complete medical staff, as well as seating for waiting rooms, client reception areas and other areas, bringing knowledge from practical use to our models. 360 degree rotatable support for comfort at work, seat height adjustment available from any side, as well as certified surface materials for easy hygienic maintenance – these are just some of the details specific for this product range.

Comfort for maximum focus

A good posture when sitting not only in healthcare facilities is ensured by a quality ergonomic chair, where more than height adjustability is desirable. The seat and anatomical backrest, with additional headrest and adjustable armrests if necessary, must also allow the chair to be adapted to different body types.

This is the only way to achieve long-lasting comfort when sitting in the medical office or other hospital environments without unwanted negative effects on the back and the ability to concentrate. Medical staff also benefit greatly from the mobility of the chair, which is made possible by castors the material of which varies according to the floor in the room.

Hygiene comes first

In waiting rooms of medical facilities, where a large number of patients come every day, it is essential to focus on the durability and easy hygienic maintenance of the seating furniture. At ALBA, we address this by using high-quality, solid metal structures and installing seats and backrests made of durable and easy-to-wash materials such as plastic, wood or metal.

Greater seating comfort can be achieved by upholstering the chairs or benches with one of the premium durable fabrics. It is also possible to upholster the seating furniture for medical facilities with one of the bacteriostatic fabrics or special medical leatherette, which are available in many colours.

The MEDIC chair is the solution for the needs of healthcare professionals

The MEDIC chair is designed specifically for healthcare facilities and responds to the specific needs of doctors and medical staff. The materials used meet the regulations for seating furniture in these areas. In addition, MEDIC offers a choice of additional seating heights or special features such as a 360° swivel armrest that can be used as a backrest or armrest, allowing you to change position during the day and prevent physical strain. A circular control allows easy adjustment of seat height and is conveniently accessible from all sides.

Easy hygienic maintenance is guaranteed by medical leatherette or any of the bacteriostatic fabrics in our range. Combined with a precisely manufactured construction and optimal ergonomic design, ALBA medical chairs guarantee absolute working comfort.

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